15 Tips On How To Pack

Are you planning to shift and need some packing tips?

How to pack

How to pack

Listed here are some simple steps on how to pack and move :

  1. Make a record of what to pack
  2. Prioritize your list
  3. Calculate what number of boxed you’re going to want and arrange for these in advance.
  4. Think about what else you may also want. It could be tape, bubble-wrap paper, plastic bags, old newspapers for lining boxes.
  5. Use sturdy packing boxes, especially those created from corrugated cardboard. These are stronger.
  6. Be extra cautions with hazardous materials and pack them separately. This includes paints, pest sprays, gas cylinders.
  7. Try to finish all laundry earlier you leave. You should avoid packing wet clothes.
  8. Packing can take longer than what you expect. So start early.
  9. Always begin at the top of the house if you live in a multistory bungalow and move downwards.
  10. Always pack heavy objects in smaller boxes and don’t fill them up so they are easier to work with.
  11. Label each box clearly mentioning what it contains and the room from where it was taken. This might be beneficial when offloading and rearranging items and furniture.
  12. When you start to load contents into the truck, make sure the items you want least, go in first.
  13. Hold boxes for each room together if possible. This too makes offloading easier.
  14. Pillows and blankets are useful packing components and you may also use these to package sensitive equipment like televisions, microwave, glass top etc.
  15. Some furniture may have got to be dismantled so make sure you have some handy tools like screwdrivers and nuts ready.

Happy shifting! We hope you liked these tips on easy methods To Pack and here is another bonus article for you on How To Move Furniture.

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