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13 More Moving Tips

Apollo Movers and Packers brings to you 13 important moving tips to note before and after you have moved.

Moving Tips

  1. Get the Instant Requirements at your new home ready.
    Designate one box for sheets and towels, toiletries and necessary utensils that you will want immediately at your new house. This helps so you can have a comfortable first night at your new house and won’t have to rummage through your things.
  2. Take care of the Fridge
    Clean and dry the within of your refrigerator and put some baking soda, fresh coffee powder or charcoal in a cotton cloth and place it within to keep the interior smelling clean
  3.  Heavy and light packing

Pack heavy objects in smaller boxes and lighter objects in large boxes

4.Give the driver to your contact number.

Make sure you double verify the driver of your van has your contact number and any alternate phone numbers so that you could coordinate when reaching the destination spot. Take his and the helper’s numbers too.

5. Keep objects you cherish with you.

If they’re irreplaceable, take your photos, frames and show-portions with you to your vehicle. If You must pack them, make sure you wrap them within blankets to absorb shock.

6. How to pack plates?

Dinner plates will have to be packed vertically side by side rather than on a stack above each other.

7. Recall the Bare Essentials.

Toilet paper, phone, toiletries, snacks, soap, torch, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, paper towels, and cleansing supplies are some necessities you will need upon arrival at your new house. Pack a box with these objects and ask your van assistant to load it last so that it will be unloaded first.

8. Unscrew Bulbs

Remove all bulbs earlier than packing your lamps. Wrap bulbs in newspaper first.

9. Ask your kids to help

Provide charge to your kids. Ask them to help in packing and tagging objects and making a list of what you might be carrying.

10. Help your Pet Relax

Let your pet be with a friend and gather him later so he can relax. If it’s a have to, take him on your vehicle.

11.  Be Kind to Your plants

ideally take your plants with you. If they have to be taken in the truck put them towards the outer side so they are able to breathe.

12. Take a break from the laptop

Upon arrival at your new residence, go on a media fast. Take a break from the laptop and get acclimatized to the new environment first.

13. Ensure about electrical power & Water

Here’s a very important moving tip: make sure there’s a working water supply that’s switched ON and electricity connection at your new house. You don’t Need to be caught unaware rummaging about in the dark at the last moment.

Leave the rest to us!

Apollo Relocations – Movers and Packers in Pune – your preferred relocating partners. Take a seat again and relax, and look forward to the new opportunities, friends and experiences.

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